Giving Back

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BPURE -Beautiful, Powerful, Uplifting, Radiant, Exceptional 


We are in the process of developing a product called HOPE to recognize women at the Elizabeth House and around the world who have touched us. 
Information about Elizabeth House
Elizabeth House begins a new tradition of honoring Women of Inspiration in their program and communities. Part of their core mission of Elizabeth House is to provide Hope to homeless, pregnant women and their children. For this reason, Elizabeth House decided to launch this new tradition by highlighting women whose lives exemplify Hope. 
Each of us knows a woman who has significantly touched and changed us. For some, this woman is highly recognized within the community; for others, this woman has quietly given and goes unseen. Our lives would not be the same if we did not know her. She has provided a unique gift that inspires us to become the best of who we can be. Her investment helps us see our strengths and abilities. Her influence brings light to our dark places in times of need. She is a woman worthy of celebration. She is a woman of inspiration.