Frequently Asked Questions

How are your products botanical?

PHYTO which means plants is what we use in our botanical based skin care. We use only the most effective active ingredients available in the botanical world to maintain and achieve healthy-looking hair and reveal its natural beauty. The founder, Krystal Salisbury is an artist and true visionary who combined her love for hair styling and passion for the healing properties of plants into a natural beauty line. 

What is the inspiration behind the skin care line?

Our PHYTO collection focuses on long term benefits to improve and restore the health of your hair and skin. Krystal drew inspiration in creating her line built around the principles of natural beauty & plants. She has used her back round in cosmetology to search out the most beneficial properties for use in every product. 

What set's you apart from other natural brands?

We bring you products that are natural, super concentrated, bio-acitve, safe, non-toxic, and highly effective. We believe in beauty from the inside out giving you tangible results you can see and feel.

What Does Bpure stand for?

Bpure stands for Beautiful, Powerful, Uplifting, Radiant, and Exceptional women who believe real beauty never fades and true beauty lies within. 

Are your products environment friendly?

Yes, Bpure takes it even a step further with their innovative and environmentally friendly packaging. All products are packaged in either glass containers, aluminum tubes or compo-stable plastic.

What does BP Men stand for?

BP stands for the Bpure Man. Krystal's (brand creator) desire is to promote the vision behind the brand, which is to highlight men of honor and moral integrity. Our scent names are characteristics you can find in what the BP Man stands for, some include integrity, humility, and purity. Join us in celebrating the BP Men around the world. 

How does the company give back?

The founder, Krystal Salisbury, has a heart for single mothers, being that she is one.  She has a passion for helping those in need.   With each purchase of the skincare line, a percentage of sales are given to a local women's shelter in Pasadena, CA. Each month, Krystal's blog highlights women of hope sharing their stories.  She also highlights men of honor from the military in her desire to celebrate these courageous men of integrity. In this mission, she gives back to our military donating a percentage of sales from each purchase of our men's products.